What our customers say


"I had the wonderful pleasure of taking a cooking class with 6 other people offered by Thao Tran on October 13, 2018. During this five-hour class session, we learned how to make raspberry mousse, chocolate mousse, French beef stew called beef bourguignon, cheese and olive pastry, almond and shrimp tempura with spring salad. We learned how to make everything fresh from scratch, including the salad dressing; and all was made with the freshest ingredients. I was amazed to learn how to make the fluffy pastry. During the session, Thao allowed us to have a lot of hands-on experience. Afterwards, we all sat down for dinner to enjoy the products of our cooking. Thao had even decorated the table with rose petals and candle lights. Thao is very meticulous with presentation and details (she is a perfectionist!), so all the foods we made were nicely presented on our plates. I felt as if I was eating a candle-lit dinner at a fancy 5-star restaurant, and all the dishes and desserts we had just learned to make tasted so delicious!
Thao is an amazingly talented and creative chef, and she is an excellent and patient teacher. She provides such a friendly learning atmosphere and I had so much fun while learning how to cook. One could definitely see and feel that Thao cooks and teaches with love and passion from her heart. I highly recommend Thao to everyone!"

Mai Anh Pham


"I usually don't write reviews, but our intimate Asian-French cooking lesson with 7 friends lead by Thao was such a wonderful experience I have to share it. Thao is extremely talented and creative, not to mention, a real perfectionist who pays attention to every little details. She used the best and freshest ingredients to craft her food. Over 6 hours, we made 2 scrumptious appetizers, almond toasted fried shrimp and olive puff pastries, a tangy tamarind/garlic dressed summer salad, tender boeuf bourguignon, raspberry as well as chocolate mouse and freshly made pina colada. For additional tasting, we tried her home made wine, lychee gelato, French macaroon, fresh out of the oven baked cranberry/walnut bread, mini key lime pies, salmon pastries all of which she had pre-made for us to sample. Our meal was like a high end fine dining experience in the comfort of Thao's home. We each got to take extra food home too. If I could give her 10 stars I would as 5 stars does not suffice."

Elizabeth Nguyen


"Thao is amazing!!! She's very professional, pays attention to details and is very passionate about what she's doing. Her tasteful and colorful dishes along with her beautiful flower arrangements made our party unforgettable! Thank you Thao!"

Marie-Hélène Hoornaert-Demeunynck


"Everything Thao does is at the highest standards!"

Dawn FitBuddy


"I had Thao's macarons for my birthday and they were the best I've ever had."

Amanda Villa-Lobos


"Thao is a wonderful chef, her food is so tasty and colorful! She cooked for my guests and everybody was delighted! Thanks Thao for your art!"

Isabel Villa-Lobos


"In our small group class Thao taught us to make delicious French pastry. I've always wanted to learn to make croissants and Thao's step-by-step instruction plus demo and hands-on learning made it fun! You are a wonderful teacher! Thank you Thao!"

Sharon LeMaster


"Thao is a very sweet and professional woman. The flowers and food for our wedding were simply exquisite! She worked hard before and after the wedding in order to ensure our satisfaction. Our friends have used her services and they too, were impressed. Thank you so, so much, Thao. We will definitely use your services again"

Lewinale Havette


"Thao catered a business dinner for us and it could not have been her a better experience. Her delicious creations with European and Asian influences are amazing. She is exceptionally professional and oversees events with professionalism and loving attention to detail. Absolutely tops, in all categories!"

Nathalie Mason-Fleury


"Thao designed and created the flowers for my daughter’s wedding and we were thrilled with the results. The bouquets and boutonnières were beautiful and we couldn’t be happier. Thank you, Thao!"

Jean Terrell


"Love all Thao's creations! Nothing compares! Would highly recommend!!"

Tonya Orr


"The food was very refined and delicious. Thao is a master in mixing different cultures together in a wonderful taste."

Michiel De Paepe


"Thao is a fairy in cooking, she transforms, with passion, her main courses and desserts into works of art. I attended her cooking classes, where we learn the magic of Asian spices.I surprise my guests with her recipes, she makes everything looks very easy to prepare. The shared moments with Thao are always exceptional. I recommend Thao for your receptions, she will be up to it with simplicity, kindness, generosity and talent. She is very professional and pleasant to work with."

Priscilla Hourman


"Thao is a superwoman when it comes to food and flowers. I've been to several parties that she serviced, and each and every dish was beautiful and delicious. Also, I recently had the pleasure of attending one of her cooking classes, getting to witness first hand how she works her magic. It was a unique and thoroughly enjoyable way to celebrate a good friend's birthday. I cannot recommend Thao and her services enough. A must try!"

Dawn Michel


"What an absolute pleasure it was working with Thao. She made all of the incredible food and created all of the Gorgeous flower arrangements for our Christmas party, and it truly  could not have been more perfect. I don’t think any guest left without glowing comments - many saying it was the best food they’ve ever had at a party! Everything Thao touches seems to be stunning and special, delicious and beautiful. Fresh, healthy food is important to my husband and me, and we were amazed at all the finest gourmet creations she makes from scratch. I cant  imagine all of the work (& heart!) that goes into her dishes, but somehow on the day of the party, she makes it all look effortless (& for a surprisingly great price). I also appreciate how easy (& sweet and fun:)) she was to work with - every detail from the first discussion till the end of the party (& completely clean kitchen when she left) was a true joy. As long as she has time for us, we plan to use her for every future party.  I would, without any hesitation, recommend Thao (& already have many times) to anyone considering a party, large or small, that they want to be spectacular- and as a special bonus, you and your guests fall in love with Thao!"

Beth Houser Coghlin


"Thao fait des merveilles. Elle transforme quelques fleurs en un bouquet magnifique... Elle fait un banquet de fête à partir d’ingrédients tout simples. Et le tout dans la bonne humeur et le sourire ! Bravo ! Et merci, Thao !"

Thérèse Devallée


"Thao catered our wedding. Not only did she handle food for us, she decorated, and made the most beautiful flowers. The colors were exactly what I had told her I wanted. She made sure every detail was taken care of. She really is a perfectionist, so I knew I could trust her to make our day beautiful. I would highly recommend working with her and look forward to using her for any other events we may have. She communicates with you a lot throughout the planning process and really takes her time to understand what it is that you want. Again, I highly recommend her and you will to once you use her!"

Yoke Desmet


"De jolies compositions florales!! Et une cuisine au visuel qui donne envie de manger toutes ces saveurs ! Je trouve cela vraiment excellent!"

Priscat Priscat


"I've known Thao since I was a little girl and always loved her food!!  She puts a lot of passion into her cooking and she finds it important to make other people happy (mostly by making our bellies explode lol). I highly recommend her for her great services !!"

Audrey Develckeneer


"Thao makes everything look absolutely sumptuous, her creations are stunning and will leave you breathless! (The food is literally to die for!).

Christophe Devalckeneer


"We had an office dinner party for six couples in August, and Thao's preparation, quality and attention to detail were outstanding. The menu was diverse and the desserts were over the top! Everyone had a great time. they served and cleaned up beautifully. We look forward to having her for future dinner parties!
Thank you Thao!"

Jeanne Shulman


"Thao is as sweet and service oriented as she is talented. Thao is a perfect cook who is not afraid of going outside of her comfort zone to execute incredible, light and delicious recipes. On top of it her ability to transform any dishes into a piece of art with beautiful colors will surprise your guests. To complete your table Thao can do exquisite flowers arrangement too. And I forgot to talk about her deserts and maccarons. To die for! Missing it... Thank you Thao for what you do with simplicity and smiles. And my "pate" was succulent!"

Véroninque Subers


"Un voyage gustatif enivrant merci thao pour le succulent diner j ai adoré j'ai passé
Le plus beau des anniversaires see you soon."

Feyrouz Abassi


"Thao serves up delicious, healthy food and decadent desserts! We had a wonderful time during a private macaroon cooking class at her house! The food, conversation and time with friends was priceless!! Highly recommended:)"

Cassidy Foley


"A perfect Sunday with the ladies! We had a cooking class with Thao this Sunday making macarons. She is an excellent cook, baker and teacher! She is also very kind and thoughtful. We thoroughly enjoyed learning to make macarons with her, and she left us with a colorful display of macarons to take home! Thank you so much for a wonderful time!"

Melissa Taylor


"Que de bons moments partagés avec elle, en Belgique!"

Martine Pierreux


"Thao catered for my 40th birthday and the 40th birthday of one of my best friends. Everyone loved the food and we had many many compliments."

Rebecca Francois


"Thao was such a wonderful choice for our celebration. She brings incredibly curated creations, created with passion, creativity, and elegance, petite and grand at the same time. Her flower bouquets and compositions are stunning and well thought of, assembled with zen mastery. In addition, Thao is a pleasure to work with... she brings a genuine soul and a smile that brightens the room. Merci, danke, gracias!"

Alicia Pane Shaffner


"D'abord c'est l'artiste qui se révèle dans la présentation de ses plats et la recherche des couleurs . Puis le réveil des papilles nous entraîne vers des saveurs souvent subtiles, toujours agréables grâce aux talents de cuisinière de Thao . Tous les sens sont sollicités et l'on garde en mémoire cet excellent moment de convivialité . Merci Thao !"

Suzette et Yvon Viala


"What a wonderful experience I had with Thao!!!! She is a great chef and an excellent and especially patience teacher. I've learned so much. I truly recommend taking a class with her or use her private chef service!!!! Can't wait for the next one."

Nicoletta Reni


"Whether it's cooking classes, flower arranging, or catering Thao can do it all and she does it like the masters. I'm in awe of this woman's talent. She makes everything seem so easy, and with each class your confidence in what you can achieve gets a real boost. French macarons and Sushi definitely don't intimidate me any more! 

Thank you, Thao, I truly enjoyed your classes."

Patrizia Lusetti


"When you give 5 stars, an additional comment is often useless. Unless it is worth more than 5 stars. And this is truly the case! Thao is not only a good cook (there are plenty of them). She is more than that. She is always looking for perfection in everything that she does: cooking, flowers, painting, taking care of her family (lucky Christophe, Marie, Laurent, Robin and Claire). In short: worth at least 6 stars."

Juan Vazquez


"Excellente cuisine créative exécutée de très belle manière par une chef très attentionnée."

Johan Devalckeneer


"Thao is a talented chef and teacher. I took 2 group cooking classes with her - how to make macaroons and sushi rolls - and I loved both of them. She is a pure artist in the kitchen and makes everything looks very easy and fun to prepare. She has lots of patience and experience. I definitely recommend her for catering or cooking classes. She is very professional, trustful and pleasant to work with."

Simona Spagnoli Ceccagnoli


"Had the best Belgium chocolate cake by Les Creations de Thao. It was the taste of pure heaven. My kids and I were licking our plates!!"

Kevin Tri Nguyen


"Thao has amazing cooking skills, plenty of creativity and excellent taste. With such a powerful combination, you can count on a delicious meal and a stunning presentation. Your guests will be impressed."

Adriana Ioachimescu


"Merci Thao! Thank you Thao for the delicious food you prepared for my party last week. All the dishes were super tasty and so beautifully presented! And all my colleagues loved your Macaroons. Best I have ever tasted "

Valerie Mayer


"Thao is a wonderful cook. Very creative every way.
I loved it."

Tom MyLe Howe


"Ma rencontre avec Thao a été une révélation culinaire mais aussi amicale. Son sourire, son talent et son écoute ont fait de notre voyage une réussite. Ses plats divins préparés avec tant de patience et de passion nous ont fait voyagé jusqu'au bout du monde. Thao a ce don incroyable de rendre plus beau tout ce qu'elle touche, son talent et sa créativité n'ont pas de limite. Thao c'est aussi une femme au grand cœur qui sait écouter et conseiller. Bref, une rencontre avec Thao et sa famille ça ne s'oublie jamais!"

Lore Dana


"She DID it AGAIN!!!! Unbelievable, this afternoon our Consul General of Belgium organized a lecture at the Atlanta Historic Center about the intervention of the Americans in World War I in Europe followed by a reception that was catered by Thao, once again it was super good and elegant! Everybody was in awe about how good it was!"

Marie Cloet


"Thao is an artist, a true talent, full of generosity and kindness."

Philippe Audibert


"Thao creates her food as well as her flower arrangements with love and passion - and with an amazing eye for detail. She is a perfectionist and all of her creations reflect that - they are perfect.

Her classes are not only fun but also very inspirational - I highly recommend Les Creations de Thao."

Anke Fischer


"We had a cooking class with Thao today. All dishes we made were very good. Especially the green mango salad and 2 desserts were amazing! Can not wait to attend her baking class next time!"

Nobuko Usher


"Thao is very special person. There is always a positive energy around her and in whatever she creates; food wise or flowers. Each of her arrangements is elegant unique and captures the essence of being. Her food is a combination of her own personality and upbringing of the balance of East ( Vietnam) and West ( Belgium) where she grew up. 

I would certainly recommend you to try her. She is very personal and accommodating to your wishes."

Tip Weniger


"I have had the chance to try a buffet made by Thao. Her creations are both beautiful and delicious, from appetizers to desserts! On top of that, she is the nicest chef I have ever met. Thank you!"

Daphnée Richard


"Les Creations de Thao provide you a real pleasure for the senses due to the passion and love that Thao puts behind every single detail on each of her creative and original preparations. Whatever she does is with perfection and it is materialised in very tasteful dishes and beautiful & elegant events organisations. Thank you Thao for showing us another perspective of taste & beauty!"

Eva Garcia Tolivia


"Cooking with Thao is so much fun!! Thao is very detailed and precise and I learned a lot. I am looking forward to trying what I have learned at home. The classes are very affordable, especially since lunch was included. And we went home with beautiful decorated boxes of Macaroons. Thanks Thao Tran!!"

Gitte Taweel-Gomme


"We took a macaron class with Thao. It was a wonderful class and would recommend it to anyone! Looking forward to taking more classes!!"

Sylvia Patiño Williams


"Quelle merveille! Thank you Thao for having spoilt the Conseillers du Commerce Exterieur during the event I hosted.  Your creations were incredible - both absolutely delicious and beautiful.  And you made our life so easy - all I had to do was bring our guests to the buffet! Everything was ready and gorgeous. I look forward to doing many other great events together.  The only thing bigger than your talent is your kindness and generosity!"

Iwan Streichenberger


"Thao, you are such a talented lady! Everything was exceptional! The food presentation and the decoration of the deserts showed your personality. We have had Vietnamese food many times before, but nothings was like yours. Your red cabbage salad, caramelized pork, Banh Cuon steamed rice rolls were something we have never had before. Belgian Chocolate moose cake and Passion Fruit & White Chocolate cake were excellent! Your kindness of putting the spices aside, a surprise gift to our departing friend and over all, with your tight budget, you made our farewell lunch unforgettable! Your food took us to a fantasy world!"

Noriko Webb


"Les Creations by Thao provided meals for our company retreat which were the absolute hit of the retreat. We have a very diverse company and the food was loved by all. Thao did a great job working in dishes for our vegetarians as well as dishes for our "heavier" eaters. Her sweet treats were to die for. I strongly recommend Les Creations by Thao to anyone and know that we will be using her again!"

Debbie Gulick Donohue


"I recently had the pleasure of attending an event where the catering was handled for breakfast, lunch, and dinner by Les Créations de Thao. I've had the privilege of dining at some of the best asian restaurants in the country and not only did Thao's dishes stand up to the caliber of those restaurants, but in many instances, her creations were better in flavor, creativity and presentation. Although I knew that this event would have some top-notch fare, I had no idea the food would be downright Michelin-worthy. Bravo, Thao! I hope I get the opportunity to enjoy your expertly prepared meals again soon. Particularly that scrumptious mango salad - WOW! Thank you!"

Victoria Ribeiro


"Fabulous!!! This is the best food! The desserts are excellent too."

Emma Sui


"Excellent and one of the finest food I have ever tried. Great organization.
All her desserts and pastries are wonderful, but her Chocolate mousse cake is a MUST!"

Agnès Bertocci Ruiz


"Thank you Thao for your incredible, soulful, delicious meals! I really appreciate you accommodating my vegetarian needs and creating amazing specific meals for me!! You are truly gifted! "

Karina Action Reid


"Thao is amazing! She created a wonderful international menu for our group. I love her curries and her French pastries!"

Erin Glogowski


"Her food is absolutely amazing. She catered for our work retreat and it was so good. Everyone I was with couldn't stop saying how amazing the food was. I highly recommend!"

Whitney Humstead Sinkule


"Thao is the BEST! She made our difficult event VERY easy and her food is out of this WORLD! I would (and will!) recommend her to anyone looking for fabulous dishes and an easy experience for any type of event. You can't go wrong with Thao!"

Kelly Woodruff


"Thank you Thao for the AMAZING food that you prepared for our company retreat last week. All your dishes were so delicious, healthy and beautifully presented. The food left us feeling nourished and ready for the important work that we were there to do as a team. And.....that chocolate mousse cake - WoW!"

Mary Zaller


"Amazing! The pastries are beautiful, delicate, elegant, and explosive in flavor. The blend of exotic flavors melt in your mouth. Watching her decorate them is like watching an artist add the final touches to their masterpiece. I would strongly recommend trying any of her creations! They are very unique and heavenly delicious."

Olivia Lodise


"Thao is truly very talented and original with her private chef services as well as with her floral arrangements. Not only is she creative and amazing at what she does, she is very easy to work with. Thao has whipped up at the last minute some of the most beautiful flower arrangements that lasted a long time! Thao also has a wonderful Zen approach to her work which is unlike any other private chef services we have used. Her costs are reasonable as well!"

Giselle & Nils Swann


"Thao's enthusiasm and commitment is special . She did not hesitate to meet my request for lavender macaroons even though she had not made this flavor before . The taste was subtle and exotic and texture was as it should be."

Diane Saulson


"Thao brings beauty and inspiration to all her endeavors, from flowers to food to personal relationships. Her essential being is creative, innovative, passionate and positive. The floral creations I have commissioned from Thao have been unique and unforgettable. Thank you Thao for being such a wonderful resource for me!"

Marcia Cowan


"A little ray of Thao's creativity brightens our house every day, even on rainy days and Mondays. She has all the talent of an artist, with the temperament of a saint. We love her and her work. Highly recommended!"

Neil Morrell


"For the past fifteen years, I had the chance and privilege to know Thao and her wonderful family. I have always been delighted to attend the various functions, celebrations, fund-raising events organized and beautifully cared for by her skillful hands and imaginative mind. I have also used her services at different occasions.
Thao can create an atmosphere that is truly unique, with the kind of personal touch and sense of details that makes a huge difference, a world apart from the usual event business. 
Her floral arrangements are extremely refined, colorful and so original that one wonder if they are not coming right from a magical island far away. The food is so thought for, varied, tasty, appetizing, creatively presented that it will make your mouth water as soon as you enter the room.
I warmly recommend using Thao's competence and service for your next event or if you just need a splendid floral arrangement in your home. It will be like bringing an enchanted world right to you and I guarantee your guests and participants will be ravished and amazed. 
Having Thao as your private chef is a very beautiful experience. Working with her is a privilege. You will have a chance to meet a truly special person, a great listener to you needs and wishes and a person who embodies and conveys class and style." 

Martial Toulouse, pianist and instructor


"Thao is the most talented person I've ever met, everything she does is perfect, beautiful, delicious, amazing and she is also very kind and friendly."

Claudia Corsino


"Creative and flavorful cooking, delicate flower arrangements... Reach out to Thao for all occasions, big or small : she deserves every bit of your trust !!"

Christine Le Corvec-Lefort


"I'm so lucky that I know Thao.The first impression for me on Thao is she is a super lady. I love her cooking especially the dessert that she make.Thanks Thao !"

Chai Peng Ho


"Les cours de cuisine que tu nous donnais à Sarty étaient géniaux!!! J'ai passé de très bons moments en ta compagnie et j'en ai gardé de supers souvenirs."

Marc Charlier


"Thao is good at what she does. Her talent brings together what I recalled pretty and tasty. Professional, yet friendly."

Danwel Willame


"A lot of creativity. Inspired by Asian countries where she comes from, really unique. Thao's floral arrangements transpire sensitivity, esthetism, and beauty"

Philippe Bourgeois


"We had some beautiful creations that Thao has done for us over the years. She is my 'go to' person for any special flower, cake or private chef's needs as she puts her heart into her work. And at the same time her prices are competitive and her results are extremely tasteful . She is so reliable in her commitments. We in Atlanta are lucky to have Thao with her exquisite touches! — at Buckhead Atlanta."

Roya Shahidi Memarzadeh


"Thao is an amazing cook. I often had the opportunity to taste her creations and they were always delicious. She can cook French, Asian, really anything you want. In addition to her cooking skills, she also prepares beautiful flower arrangements like no others. Her style is really unique. You can trust Les Créations de Thao."

Sophie Kartochian


"Probably one of the most unique flower arrangements I have come across in a long time. Thao made an arrangement for one of my clients and within couple of weeks, I contacted her for 3 more to be delivered with very short notice. And voila! Amazing! And the macaroons.... divine!! Thank you Thao!"

Patty Webb


"Addicted? Addicted to Thao? Yes...it’s possible. And I’m! And you wonder how?Dare to try! Dare to try the differences, the creativity, the delicacy, the simplicity or the elegance of her multicultural skills. And her skills seem endless…even for me! Flower arrangements may appear to be the most obvious. But what about her genuine Asian cooking skills? Why you would still want to go with friends to an Asian restaurant in town if Thao can make it even more authentic and more friendly for you at home. And what to say about her pastries?
You have a bright idea? She turns it in something unique and better. You have a concept? She redevelop it as a total concept for the 5 senses.
The happiness and fullest satisfaction of her customers fuels her. In the smallest details, in the lightest scent and the most delicate taste… you will recognise “Thao’s touch”. 
That’s why I’m addicted to Thao!"

Denis Waerseggers


"THAO. Quand on rencontre Thao, c'est d'abord un grand sourire que l'on voit. Un sourire profond, chaleureux, engageant. Et puis ce sont ses yeux... Pétillants, vifs, observateurs. Thao, c'est la bonté en soi, c'est une âme pure et simple et ça, on le découvre très vite. Mais Thao, c'est aussi des doigts magicallement créatifs qui transforment quelque chose de simple en une beauté artistique indéniable. Petite de taille, peut-être, mais aucune montagne ne l'arrête et ses talents sont sans frontières.

J'ai eu plusieurs fois l'occasion de gouter aux buffets asiatiques de Thao et mon palais s'est délecté a chaque fois. C'est d'ailleurs pour cela que c'est Thao qui a organisé la fête-surprise des 60 ans de mon très cher. Et elle a épate son monde, comme a l'accoutumée. Thao est une personne exceptionnelle."

Patricia Kalmeijer


Je pense que, dès sa naissance, elle devait déjà disposer d’un arsenal de qualités hors du commun. Parmi celles-ci, il y a la gentillesse, l’écoute, l’observation, le courage, l’audace, le talent d’entreprendre, la générosité.
J’ai toujours été impressionné par l’équilibre qu’elle trouve entre ses entreprises et sa générosité. Son moteur intérieur la pousse, jour et nuit, à créer de nouvelles choses, à imaginer le meilleur. Mais chaque fois, elle a un besoin incroyable d’échange et de partage. Et ce besoin est miraculeusement communicatif : il se transforme souvent en repas partagés ou instants précieux d’amitié.
Elle souhaite le meilleur pour elle-même, pour sa famille et pour tout ce qu’elle réalise. Rien n’est laissé au hasard. Elle souhaite aussi le meilleur pour les autres.
J’ai souvent été témoin du fait que Thao était capable d’employer une énergie folle pour encourager les autres et leur suggérer des chemins épanouissants.
Elle a une soif d’apprendre et de toujours être à la pointe des nouveautés.
Et puis, peut-être la qualité la plus importante : la confiance.
Quand Thao s’engage à faire quelque chose, elle le fait à fond et c’est à toute épreuve qu’on peut compter sur elle. Elle a cette force d’aimer la vie, contre vents et marées, même lorsque celle-ci réserve de mauvaises surprises. 
En réalisant ce petit message, je vous invite de tout mon cœur à encourager Thao dans toutes ses entreprises présentes et futures non seulement parce- qu’elle le mérite mais parce-que le fait de la rencontrer va changer votre regard sur bien des choses.

Jean-Vincent D’AGOSTINO, Directeur de l’Académie de Musique de Courcelles (BELGIUM)


"Are you planning a special event for family and friends with exceptionally great food? Speak to Thao and she will craft the perfect menu for your special occasion, including an excellent selection of appetizers, delicious main dishes, and wonderful desserts. She uses the freshest ingredients and everyone praised the amazing quality and tastiness of the meal. We enjoyed a mix of Thai-style and multicultural cuisine.

By the way, Thao's macaroons are world-class, the best you can find in Atlanta!
Overall our guests were extremely happy, and we too, which is why we'll plan our next party with Thao again!"

Christiane Wimmer


"Thao Tran is a fabulous person. She is beautiful inside out. What I love the most about her is her passion, dedication, attention to detail, and her genuine interest to enhance the experience you have through her creations. Thao is not only a chef, she is not only a florist, she encompasses a combination of skills to make your experience memorable. Thao's work is unique. The experience she offers is individualized. I would recommend Thao to anyone interested in true beauty, exceptional taste, and a wrap of finesse and love."

Soraya Ben Taleb-Rouchdi


" Thao made a beautiful flower arrangement that represented Belgium and was featured at the international departing hall at the Atlanta airport. It was in honor of the American national day celebration in which several Consulates in Atlanta participated! This was a last minute request and she made it happen! She did a fantastic job and was extremely helpful to set up the arrangement. Highly recommend."

William De Baets, Consul General of Belgium in Atlanta


"Les créations de Thao is a great find: the flower arrangements are unique, gorgeous and reasonable. Thao is so dependable, even with very short notice. She is my go-to for special events or occasions, or just to have a fresh bouquet of cut flowers. What a jewel!"

Ramak Shahidi


"I must thank Thao for all of her hard work for my wedding! It was an absolute pleasure working with her, and could not have been any easier! We had a 400 person wedding complete with two days of events filled with flowers, pastries and mini desserts. I cannot thank her enough for listening intently during the process - having created exactly what I had envisioned and our guests could not have been more complimentary. Though she is the absolute sweetest and I loved speaking with her, the best part about working with Thao is that I did not have to keep following up with her to make sure that everything was on track. She executed as she had promised, not just on time but early, and worked directly with the hotel staff to get my set up perfect. As you can imagine the last thing you want to do on your wedding day is deal with logistics and she made me feel so comfortable, taking a huge weight off my shoulders by being completely self sufficient and responsible. Thank you Thao, for making it all perfect and at a very, very reasonable price. Can't wait to work with Thao again on future special occasions!"

Kimia Arjmand Amin


"Words cannot describe how beautiful your flower arrangements are. Absolutely wonderful.....I am so excited to take care of my new flowers. Never realized they could look so beautiful. Thao's work is magical."

Pia Sabharwal Ahmad


"Thao has a gift to create beautiful flower arrangements, and excellent meals. 
She always creates new colors and new taste and surprise her guests. She is so talented !"

Guillaume Georges-Picot


"What you are doing thao is amazing  everything is beautiful"

Mathias Blob Vazquez


"Thao makes the most beautiful creations..elegant and unique. She also is a great teacher. I had the opportunity to take a lesson with Thao on Vietnamese cooking. The class was fun, the food which I never thought that I would able to make was delicious , and when we sat to eat our creations, the table was set with a gorgeous spring floral arrangement. Super! I would give her 2 thumbs up but my hands are busy eating some delicious watermelon cake."

Penny McIntyre 


"Thao is one of my favorite people in the world. Kind, generous, grounded, she is an inspiration to me in many ways. She is an excellent cook. The parties she threw for friends and family were a tribute to her talent as a chef and decorator. Her beautiful flower arrangements for her home along with an array of dishes she prepared all by herself were the talk of the parties."

Mila Pounds 


"Thao is an incredible woman. I truly believe there is nothing in this world she can not do. She has so many talents.
Cooking and baking is one of them. Her macaroons are amazing. I bought them several times as special gifts for friends and they said they were the best they ever had. I also got some for my family. Thao had made them freshly that very same morning and told me to wait for 24 hours before eating them. But we couldn´t resist; they were just too good to be patient. And then there are her flower creations. They are the most beautiful I´ve seen in the United States; I gave my husband her contact. :)
I can´t wait to take a cooking class with her together with my friends; maybe she can show us a little bit of her magic. You have to try Thao´s Creations!!!"

Alicia Gonzalez


"How to describe Thao. Thao is a life style : always happy, never stressed, so dedicated to others with love, artistic with everything she touches, a wonderful mum and wife. Her happiness is communicating. She has 100 ideas a minute. She has so much energy that she embarks you in her side. YOU feel good! I am so lucky to have met her! Your cooking is absolutely delicious, always!  Your "bouquets" are fabulous!  So creative my dear Thao. I love you so much!"

Isabelle Carouge


"Thao. Here's the definition of the name: an extraordinary friend, a woman of great talent, kindness, altruism and energy. Thao never ceases to surprise and impress. Not only does she make incredibly beautiful flower arrangements, she can also cater an event with seemingly complete ease, always with great success. There is nothing she can't do: from taking care of her family and numerous friends, to making everyone feel special through her care. I am so lucky to call her my friend: like the best of friends, Thao, by her sheer presence, nudges all of us to be the best we can be. What a gift."

Natalie Roy Huyghe 


"Thao is incredible and so talented! She is able to do everything and every time the result is amazing!!!

Dorothee Garnier Guimbal


"Thao is one of best kind hearted people I know, with so much talent. She has talented finger in anything she touches. We always enjoy her presence. Many congratulation to you."

Massie Matinfar


"Confier une mission à Thao, c'est l'assurance d'obtenir un résultat original, fait avec passion et réalisé dans les meilleurs délais. Les créations de Thao se démarquent systématiquement par leur finesse et leur recherche esthétique. Et la joie et la gentillesse de Thao font qu'on en redemande et qu'on la recommande vivement !"

Gaëtan de Borman